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Benefits of Swimming

- Posted on: 09/07/2019 -

Benefits of Swimming

The main aims of any fitness regime are to improve fitness, build muscle and lose weight. There are few sports that tick all these boxes as emphatically as swimming. On top of all that, swimming provides a full-body workout with minimal risk of injury.


Lose Weight

Due to the weight-bearing properties of the pool, swimming serves as an excellent way for overweight people to work out without excess strain on the body. Swimming is a high calorie burner and will aid weight loss.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Frequent swimming will help improve your cardiovascular fitness. Good technique will help you get the most out of swimming in terms of fitness, however the benefits are massive whatever level you’re at.

Builds Muscle

While a few laps of the pool every so often is unlikely to result in huge changes, regular swimming will quickly build muscles all over your body including your core, legs and upper body.

Low Risk of Injury

With the water supporting your bodyweight, swimming is a fantastic way for anyone to work out without putting excess stress on your joints. It is the only sport which is completely non-weight bearing and so is an excellent way to rehabilitate after an injury.

Improves Flexibility

The range of motion involved in swimming lengthens the muscles in a way that can make your joints more flexible and help recovery - you’re stretching your whole body.

At the Gateway Health and Fitness Centre

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