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Seagrass Wellbeing Centre

Welcome to our new Seagrass Wellbeing Centre. 

Seagrass Wellbeing Centre is focused on providing unqiue and skilled treatments to guests that centre around wellbeing. With a range of new and exciting types of therapy such as our Infrared Sauna and PEMF Bed, our treatment list is extensive and carried out by our trained therapists. We will be offering our usual treatments including Facials, Massages, Reflexology, Pedicure and Manicures along with various complementary therapies.

Get in touch today to book your treatment or book online here and view all treatments. 

All of our Seagrass Wellbeing Therapists are certified and trained under the Christine Clinton Cancer Care and Wellness programme for the safe and effective delivery of wellbeing treatments to cancer patients. Our Therapists are certified in Cancer Care Touch Therapy and also Lymphatic Drainage Massage techniques.



Seagrass has undergone a complete renovation and now stocks products from the Jane Armand range and Elim products for hands and feet.



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