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Cancer Care Touch Therapy

Cancer Care Touch Therapy is now available in Seagrass Wellbeing Centre in Buncrana, Co Donegal. All Seagrass Therapists are certified under the Christine Clinton, Cancer & Wellness Care programme.

It is a treatment tailored specifically to you and your individual needs. It is delivered in a compassionate and professional manner by our certified cancer care therapists in a safe and relaxing environment. Touch Therapy is suitable for anyone with a history of cancer, cancer diagnosis, and to anyone currently going through treatment. 

Your individual needs will be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation. Areas of tenderness or scar tissue may be addressed or avoided, as directed by you. Using modified techniques, a pressure tailored to you and a focus on the lymphatic system to relieve areas of fluid retention.


Wellbeing massage 

A personalized full-body massage using natural and organic oils to nourish and protect compromised skin. This massage is performed in a position most comfortable for you, with pillows to support the body.  Your massage will end with a balancing toe technique to balance the polarity in the body.

Hands, Feet & Fingers

Natural and nourishing balm will be applied and massaged to the hands and feet, fingers and toes. Warm mitts & bootees can be worn if desired to help with absorption.

Please contact us at Seagrass Wellbeing Centre to reserve your treatment time on 353 7493 62188 or email seagrass@inishowengateway.com