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Reasons you need to book a Mom-cation Break

- Posted on: 20/08/2019 -


 Reasons why all Moms need a Mom-cation

So its back to school season already, you are rushing about trying to source the new shows, school bag (another one?), uniform and even are thinking about the lunches – what to make and what will they eat!

Being a parent means you are always putting yourself second, child first. We love them, adore them, cater for their every need and want, all for a little snuggle before bedtime.

For many this means less time spent with friends and family as the demands of family life take over.

Mothers guilt is a real thing and stops many mothers from taking time away from their children.

But…did you know time spent away from your children can be good for you? Time spent with your partner away from your children is known to boost your relationship plus its important for kids to see the balance that is needed to be achieved in a family situation[1].

When we started to research our Mom-cation break, which we did to find out what would be the perfect mix of items to include, we found out many reasons why a Mom-cation is needed through the mothers in the office sharing their thoughts.

Here is what we found:

1. Your kids won’t miss you

Depending on who is holding down the fort in your absence, your kids won’t miss you. They will be too busy off having a great time in Grannies/Auntie Sarah’s/ with Dad who have loads of energy to organise a day full of activities to entertain the little angels.

2. Your partner will miss you

If it’s Dad taking charge for the night, then they will miss you and maybe have a better understanding of what it is you do to keep the house running in proper order. Now if you are the type of parent who leaves outfits preselected, dinners pre made and the housework done before you leave (we know you do it) then maybe Dad’s are not getting the full experience but hey, if it makes the mummy guilt lighter, then do it.

3. Kids realise what Mum does and what Dad can also do

In your absence, someone must do the bedtime routine and kids learn its not just Mum who can. No one can do some things like Mum can, but kids learn that Dads are also great at the same things such as story telling at bedtime or making a certain dinner or breakfast.

4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Many times, kids’ habits can drive you insane but a little distance can mean you take time to miss them and wish for home.

5. You will love coming home

Yes, we know this break away came about because you wanted some time to yourself but the magic of getting away is that you cannot wait to get home and just squeeze those little cheeks again. All the irritations are gone and replaced with a massive longing to just be with your kids. Magic![2]

6. Girls weekends can boost mental health 

Wanting to spend time away from the kids does not mean anything about your commitment to motherhood, science suggests that humans need connections outside of our partners and mother-child bonds, and when we don’t connect with our friends, our health suffers[3].


Our new Mom-cation package

Every parent deserves some ‘Me’ time and its for this reason we have worked on creating a new overnight package that includes a little bit of everything a parent will want to enjoy if they have the chance to escape for an overnight stay.

Wine on arrival, treats on hand to tuck into when the mood takes over, dinner in our cosy Lough View Bar when you are ready, spa credit should you wish to add on a luxurious spa treatment plus breakfast the following morning. Plus should you prefer a night in rather than a night on the town, we have a selection of the best Chick Flicks to enjoy in the comfort of your room.


To book your Mom-cation with us and plan your night away, click here:


Day time activities

Activities for a girly night away that can be organised during your stay here in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, either with a group of friends or romantic partner:

-          Inish Adventures – water sports. Kayak around the caves at Fort Dunree. Only a short distance from the hotel or book a night time kayak (guided). For more information and bookings visit

-          Stroll along Lisfannon or Luddan Beach – located within walking distance from the hotel. Walk along the sandy shores and breathe in that sea air. Perfect for pre dinner walks at sunset or maybe a nice refreshing swim with friends

-          Glenevin Waterfall – a short 20-minute drive to the waterfall and a 1km walk up. But worth it, especially with a picnic packed to stop at one of the picnic beaches dotted along the route

-         Seagrass Spa & Wellbeing Centre – offering a selection of luxurious and pampering treatments this for the mum who loves to Spa. With a private relaxation room included, hours can be spent here before you know it. Email to book your treatments in advance.