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Team Building Activities in Inishowen

If you are looking for a Conference Venue in Donegal to host your next company Team Building event, then we have everything on site for you to create a unique and strong team bonding experience through the great outdoors. We have an amazing range of team building activities to include:

  • Ecotherapy activities to include either Equine Therapy, Food Forgaging, Cold Water Swimming or Forest Bathing. These take place off site but can be designed to suit within walking distance to the hotel.
  • Yoga and Breathwork activities - take place within the hotel in our Wellness Room
  • Golf - located on the Buncrana Golf Course next to the hotel
  • Water based activities - SUP, Kayaking, inflatable obstacle course (between May - September)
  • Marshamallow making with Mallow Mia in their purpose build workshops - see more here

We have a team of Conference Organizers who can assist you plan a unique and memorable experience for your team. With over 30 years experience organizing events of various sizes and for different businesses, you can be sure your event is in good hands.


Example Ecotherapy activity:

Activity 1: Disconnect to reconnect with an informative foraging walk

Beginning in the hotel, the session is introduced by our Ecotherapy facilitator, Michaela, who will remind us of the importance and simplicity of nature connection for wellbeing. They will share relaxation and grounding techniques to ease busy minds, disconnecting from the stress of modern living, to reconnect with the natural world, and ourselves.

Then you will 'dander', slowly the short distance to either the Amazing Grace Garden, Shore Front or Mill River, where we will meet our second facilitator Claire, - Keeper of the Ways. As a Naturalist, Herbalist and Foraging Guide, Claire will lead you for 1.5 hours exploring and restoring our relationship with our plant allies. Together you will learn about the gifts that the plants bring to us, the land and our other-than-human kin we share this world with. These gifts are freely given for food and medicine, but we will examine the ethics of taking by seeking ways that we can not only cultivate gratitude, but also reciprocity with the natural world.

We return, slowly, to the hotel for time and space to reflect with Michaela and share refreshments.

Total Duration 4 hours

Suggested times : 10am – 2pm, 1 – 5pm or 2 – 6pm in summer 


Activity 2: Come back to your senses with a mind clearing Wonder Walk

Meeting us in the comfort of the hotel, Michaela reminds us of the importance of nature connection for wellbeing. We open with relaxation to ease away stress and center ourselves.

Then we 'dander', slowly, intentionally and with childlike curiosity to either

-           A green space: Amazing Grace Garden or Mill River, where we are introduced to Forest Bathing with a guided practice to open our senses and quiet our minds with nature.   


-           A blue space; the shore front of the Swilly for the restorative power of salt, sand and sea. We will immerse ourselves in the environment with quiet time and / or an optional paddle, dip or swim with an experienced sea swimmer and lifeguard. 

We return, feeling calmer, lighter, and energized to share reflection and refreshments.


Total Duration: 3 hours

Suggested times:   10am – 1pm, 1 – 4pm or 3 – 6pm in summer



For more information including a detailed plan of events, please contact Gemma on 00353 7493 61144 or email