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Restoration and Relaxation Weekend

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people had to cope with the restrictions of the lockdown, leaving them to their fears, insecurity and isolation. On the other hand, due to the unexpected ‘extra time’ there was room for new experiences and for personal reflections on what is essential in life, to perceive nature and relations more consciously.


Despite the many hardships people have faced lately what has become apparent is that people are now taking more time to look after themselves and reset. Life has slowed down in many ways and may never fully return to ways we once lived.


We have put together this Restoration and Relaxation Weekend over the  15th and 16th September 2023 to give you the time, space and access needed to reset, reboot and recharge. This weekend will bring nature to you through the sea and its offering, delicious food, Yoga and the company of like minded, friendly people.


Activities Included:



Included each morning of your weekend will be morning sunrise meditations and also evening Meditations followed by herbal teas. Meditation is a great way to set intentions and centre ourselves and it is also proven to:


·         Reduced Stress.

·         Emotional Balance.

·         Increased Focus.

·         Reduced Pain.

·         Reduced Anxiety.

·         Increased Creativity.

·         Reduced Depression.

·         Increased Memory.


Guided Walks

Our hotel is located along the sandy shores of Lough Swilly and we are blessed to be so close to walking trails and the harbour. Included in your weekend will be a host guided walk, both on the beach and locally. Allow our host to take you around Buncranas beautiful walking trail.

We will combine our Guided walks alongside cold-water swimming, which has amazing recovery benefits, to the muscles, joints and bones. Cold water swimming is further proven to:


·         Boost the immune system

·         Improve circulation

·         Deepen sleep

·         Boost energy levels

·         Reduce inflammation

·         Improve metabolic function

·         Improve mood.


Yoga Sessions

Included will be a 90 minute restorative yoga session each of the three days with our local instructor Sabrina who owns and runs the Yoga Loft here in Buncrana. Yoga has been practiced for centuries in the East, and in the last number of decades its benefits are filtering into the Western world, health benefits of Yoga are vast and some but not all of them are:


·         Improves posture. ...

·         Increases flexibility. ...

·         Builds muscle strength. ...

·         Boosts metabolism. ...

·         Helps in lowering blood sugar. ...

·         Increases blood flow. ...

·         Keep diseases at bay. ...

·         Increases self-esteem


Our Instructor Sabrina has been practicing yoga since 2007 and teaching since 2012. She teaches many different styles of yoga in her own beautiful little studio in the Lisfannon Industrial Estate, Buncrana. She teaches and runs many different yoga workshops and local yoga events such as, Yoga & Surf Retreats, and has hosted International Yoga teacher, Day Christensen (DAY1YOGA) workshops. Her classes range from beginners, restorative, yin and gentle flow to more active classes as well as pregnancy yoga classes.

Sabrina’s teachings draw on several different types of yoga, including a dynamic style that uses movement and breath to help students find stillness and focus. 

Her teachings are rooted on breath-based ashtanga style but also draws on other styles of training such as Bikram Hot yoga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Sabrina encourages students to move at their own pace and work slowly and mindfully towards more challenging postures. Sabrina also encourages students to practice the Yin yoga and meditation classes will complement the more active and dynamic classes but also encourage students to relax, unwind, restore, and recharge.


Sabrina’s Yoga trainings:

2012 – 500-hour Bikram Hot Yoga, LA, USA, Bikram Yoga College of India. 

2015- 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Spain, Vinyasa Flow Yoga training 

2016 – 50-hour Pregnancy Yoga, Dublin, Yoga Therapy Ireland. 

2017 – 50-hour Mindful Yin yoga and Meditation course, Spain, Mindful Yoga Academy. 


The following Yoga sessions will be held over the weekend:

Friday evening practice: Mindful Yin Yoga and Mediation 

Relax, restore, and recharge yourself with the slow-paced class which targets the connective tissues (ligaments, joints, deep fascial network, and bones) by relaxing into these specific yin postures with little or no muscle contraction. Most postures in this practice are done seated or lying down and are held for 2-5minutes. The class will start and finish with a guided meditation /visualization. This class is an excellent complement for all other activity and life! No yoga experience required.


Saturday morning practice –Gentle Energizing morning Flow

This gentle energizing morning flow class is suitable for complete beginners. It will help you ease into your day with rhythmic movement and meditation for a gentle approach to your morning. Enjoy this steady flow without feeling like you are rushing from pose to pose. We will keep it simple and sweet to spark a little energy and move out any fatigue. 


Sunday morning practice – A little Yin, A little Yang 

No better way to end your restorative weekend than with a little yin and a little yang practice. We will create balance with a flow that begins with dynamic yang postures and ends with more passive, cooling yin postures. Leaving you feeling restored, recharged and you’ll find internal equilibrium.    


Inhouse Dining

Meals will be complimented with infused water and herbal teas. Our Head Chef has put together a delicious selection of evening menus and morning breakfast for each day and we also include a lunch on Saturday afternoon, much needed after a morning of activities.  Should you have any dietary requirements then please let us know on booking. All dietary requirements can be catered for.



The itinerary of this weekend has been carefully constructed, with your host available throughout to help you relax, restore and feel reenergised and refreshed by the time you leave us on Sunday.

Price is €249pps and the next arrival is the 15th September 2023.

For more information, please contact us as follows:

-          Tel 07493 61144

-          Email: info@inishowengateway.com

-          Web: inishowengateway.com

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