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Flower and Vibrational Essences: Healing through Nature

- Posted on: 19/10/2023 -

 Discover the Healing Power of Flower and Vibrational Essences 


Are you seeking relief from emotional imbalances, stress, anxiety, or a disconnect from your inner self? Look no further than the profound healing modality of vibrational medicine. Flower and Vibrational essences are your path to well-being.


These essences are carefully crafted to capture the positive energy of Flowers, Gems, Elements, or Sacred places. They harness the vibrant energy of the sun and moon, infusing it into pure spring water. The key to their potency lies in the pristine, unpolluted habitats and the intention and integrity of the essence creators. By consuming these essences in minuscule quantities, you engage with your subtle energy body, whether you're a human, an animal, or part of the Earth itself.


Throughout history, ancient and native cultures have harnessed the healing power of nature. Wise women, shamans, and healers handed down specialized knowledge through generations, using all parts of plants and herbs to heal both the body and mind. The ancient civilizations revered nature, forging a deep connection with the healing properties of the surrounding flora and fauna. The Aboriginals in Australia, Native Americans, Druids in Europe, and many others held invaluable wisdom, often passed down through oral traditions.


As time progressed, the connection with nature weakened, and the human body was viewed mechanistically, isolating individual parts from the whole. The profound connection between the mind and body was lost.


In the 1930s, a revolutionary shift occurred with Dr. Edward Bach, a Harley Street physician. He recognized that true healing required a change in perspective, inner peace, and happiness. Seeking remedies from the plant world, he developed the Bach Flower Remedies, which are now renowned and utilized worldwide.


In the 1980s, Ian White, a Naturopath and Homeopath in Australia, rediscovered the deep connection with nature. He ventured into the Australian Bush with his grandmother, discovering and collecting native plants to create healing remedies. This led to the birth of the Australian Bush Flower Remedies. These essences aim to clear emotional blocks and reconnect individuals with their higher selves, promoting healing through the release of negative beliefs and infusing positive virtues.


In the early 1990s, Marion Leigh traveled from Australia to the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. Inspired by her experiences working with Ian White and the Australian Bush Flower Essences, she created Findhorn Flower Essences in 1992. Their ethos revolves around co-creating with nature to promote health and well-being.


The simplicity of flower and vibrational essences belies their profound impact. A few drops under your tongue or in water can lead to transformative and life-changing effects. While they can be used independently, addressing long-held issues often necessitates the guidance of an experienced flower essence practitioner. The choice of which essence range to use relies on resonance, which operates at a spiritual and soul level. So, be open to the magic that unfolds.


Are you ready to embrace the healing power of nature? Seagrass Wellbeing Centre is thrilled to offer a range of Findhorn Flower Combination Essences, expertly prepared to address common life challenges and shared experiences. Find your path to emotional balance, tranquility, and well-being with our range of essences.


Experience the magic of flower and vibrational essences at Seagrass Wellbeing Centre today.


 Available Essences:

  •  Go with the Flow - this combination essences reduces anxiety, helping you stay calm and resilient during uncertain or stressful times

  •  Calm me down: A Combination Essence which is a great, “go to” for anyone looking to bring calm and tranquillity into their home or workplace. It is is effective when feeling stressed, anxious, worried, agitated or overwhelmed. It can also help to unwind and feel more relaxed before bed. The flower essences in this combination encourage self-confidence and self-awareness in order to overcome feelings of distress and anxiety.

  •  Dreamtime: Combination Essence is for restoring good sleep rhythms. It works to allow you to release worries and find peace of mind so that you can unwind and feel more relaxed enabling you to sleep well. The flower essences in this combination essence are soothing and gentle, enhancing relaxation for a good nights’ sleep.

  • Life Force: A Combination Essence can help overcome tiredness, low energy or burnout. Life Force is an uplifting essence ideal when you feel weary, drained of energy or overwhelmed. It can provide the energy and motivation you need to tackle the busy day ahead. It can also reduce procrastination so that you can tick off those jobs and feel a sense of positive achievement. Life Force is ideal for busy people as well as those suffering with lethargy. It can also give you more enthusiasm, dynamism and vitality in social situations. Please note some users have found when taking Life Force they sleep more than usual - this is your body and mind telling you to rest well in order to have more life force energy!




Essences are available in convenient 25ml sprays or 30ml drops. To use, simply add drops directly onto your tongue or mix with water. Alternatively, use the spray by applying it directly to your tongue two to three times a day.


At Seagrass, we invite you to experience the healing power of nature through our Lymphatic Drainage Massages paired with these remarkable essences. Reconnect with your inner self, find peace, and embrace well-being. Book your next Signature Massage here with Seagrass: