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Benefits of Exercise

- Posted on: 22/08/2019 -

The benefits of exercise:

· Physical exercise is good for your muscles and bones. Physical activity paired with adequate protein intake will lead to muscle building.

· It can increase energy levels throughout the day. As per a study, just six weeks of regular exercise reduced fatigue level for people who had reported persistent fatigue.

· Lack of regular physical exercise is a cause of chronic disease. So hitting the gym can reduce possibility of getting chronic diseases.

· Exercise stimulates blood flow and induce skin cell adaptations which makes your skin clear and reduce aging.

· Exercise directly results in improvement in brain power and memory. Physical activity promotes flow of blood and oxygen into the brain resulting in higher memory and sharper brain.

· Regular exercise can help you relax and sleep better.

· Exercise can help with weight loss in case that is a problem which you are dealing with.

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